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If floods, storms, water leakages or any other source of water damage is done to your home, you are left with the kind of emergency that our water damage restoration professionals can quickly come to your rescue. When the sewage backs up, toilets overflow, plumbing fails, fire fighting efforts leave your house flooded, appliances or water heaters cause leakage, the water can be extracted, and drying and sanitation procedures are performed to make your home livable once again. Water damage restoration including flood damage & flood clean up procedures that are performed by our highly trained professionals. As soon as they arrive at the scene, they will start working immediately to prevent any further damage to your property. They keenly monitor and document the drying process until the pre-disaster conditions of your home are restored.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Regardless of the flood or water damage scenario each on is different but the process of cleaning and restoring it is the same. Here are the water damage restoration steps that our Rapid Restore Pros take.

  1. Call us anytime of the day or night. We are open 24/7.
  2. We will inspect your property and give you a damage assessment.
  3. Our process of extracting and removing the water begins.
  4. After all the water is removed the drying and dehumidification begins.
  5. We clean and repair your house.
  6. Last step is Restoration

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In case of a fire disaster that leaves your home and belongings damaged, including water damage after the efforts of fire fighters, you will need fire damage & clean up services. The property can be devastating and will require specialized cleanup and restoration efforts. Widespread smoke odors, soot and the water used during firefighting can leave your home in a total mess. The slippery floors, upholstery, carpets and other belongings will need thorough cleaning procedures. Professionals will need to come in for inspection and assessment of the damage caused to the building. Their specialized training and experience in fire damage repair work ensures they can effectively restore your home to its best livable conditions. The measures they take are guaranteed to limit any further damages to your property. Advanced equipment is used for every task needed in ensuring a thorough soot removal and restoration exercise. Careful monitoring and documentation of all the processes involved ensure that the best possible results are realized. By the time our team of fire restoration professionals leaves your home, you should be satisfied that it is completely safe and in the condition it was before the fire.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

As with any disaster each situation requires a different process to restoration. Depending on what materials have burned the clean up will be different. Here are the steps we take for fire clean up.

  1. Call us 24/7
  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  3. Board-Up Immediately and if need we will put up a Roof Tarp
  4. If water is present, removal and drying will be needed.
  5. Next removal of all smoke & soot
  6. Clean & Repair
  7. Restore your house or property

Mold Removal

Water and moisture in the wrong places create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to colonize your home. If you have noticed any signs of these fungi growth, leave them undisturbed and immediately call our mold removal experts to help. They have received special training and employ state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most effective home mold remediation and any water restoration necessary. When they arrive at the scene, they will do a thorough inspection and identify all places including the hidden ones where mold growth is taking place. A musty odor in your home may lead you to the sites where mold is growing. Mold spores are however almost found everywhere including in the air because they are microscopic. It is always advisable to keep humidity below 45% so that mold may not flourish and cause its health effects especially to people with respiratory issues. Our experts are available if needed for mold inspection. Call them for toxic mold or black mold removal so that your home never poses any health risks to you and your loved ones. They will respond fast and effectively deal with any potential or existing mold damage to your home or business building environment. Starting in the month of April we will be doing workshops in our corporate office to educated people on how to find mold in their house. Mold is so dangerous on your health and most people don't even know they are living with it. The workshop will be the first Saturday of every month and will go from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Rapid Restore Pros Mold Remediation Process

Every mold outbreak is different, it depends on where the mold is growing on to the amount of it. But the process is the same for mold remediation.

  1. Call us 24/7
  2. We will come out and inspect and assess the mold
  3. Next Rapid Restore Pros will contain the mold
  4. Set up air filtration
  5. Remove the mold
  6. Clean your belongings
  7. Lastly we will Restore your home

Services we provide:

Water Damage Restoration
Fire Damage
Mold Removal

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